Thursday, 28 June 2018

Miss King

Once Upon a Time there lived  a Queen named miss king and she was beautiful and she always hugged the boys who lived in her castle. The boys liked the hugs.
One day a lizard came so the boys went outside to play a good game. The lizard bought them somethings and they got an ice cream each.

And he was saecrd that the boys mat  through the ice craem at him then the lizard was runing then he cryed and then the Queen put him in jali and he was crying and then he had a pali and he boker the wall and he rune in to the forts and he got lost and was saecrd and the sorm came and it hit the tree and the tree boker down and  it was aboat to go on the lizard but the lizard was fast and he donged it and he looked a roand and he went in said a tree house and it had food and a warm bad and a tv and he went on the bad and then he went sleep and the boys went to eat poyaka and then the boys went outside and the lizard came back and  he was sorg and he said am gonne eat you s and you cant eat us and the boys was runing in the castle and They were hiding Under the Couch And then the lizard came in And then after that the Lizard can Smell and the boys and then they went outSide then the lizard came then After that then he got Trapped and the boys were safe  and then miss king  called the dumper and then the man put the lizard then After  that they all Happily ever after the end.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Once i open i time there lived  seven sisters and they made and all of thar kites  looked beautifull and they all went to i hlil and

Ther was no wind and they went sleep and at nignt time and there kites flyed i way and the little stster woke up and she cryed and all the  sisters woke up and all of the kites were gone and then they looked up in the sky and the kites were shning like the sky and the end of the matariki story

Friday, 1 June 2018


 Today we went to the zoo and we had to get in 2 lines and we had to go to a meeting and we went to see the Monkeys and then I said “I can see the spider monkeys.”  Then we went to eat our morning tea. Then we went to see the meerkat and then was a tunnel and everyone went in the tunnel. After I got out, we went to the bug lab.  We walked around with our ground and saw the elephants and we went to the flamingo and we went on the and we did some cool stuff that was so cool. My favourite was the bee rub game because we won.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Our Fun Day

Yesterday Miss King was hiding a surprise. It was Little Gardens. Inside the packet were seeds. My sign said Watermelon. I felt good because everybody wanted some. We also had some soil. We put the soil in a plastic tray and poured in 50ml of water. The soil grew. Miss King told us to put the sign on the soil. After that we put the it in the white box. My plant needs water and sun to grow.

Toby and the accident

We need to pull the car out come on Toby lets go then the car was fixed